Opening Reception – Mathieu Gregoire

I’m not sure exactly when I formally met Mathieu Gregoire or when we started chatting. We’ve crossed paths many times (the San Diego art scene is a small world), but in the last few years we’ve started talking more frequently. Honestly, I hadn’t seen much of his work until recently. It’s our great conversations about art that first got me interested in asking him to create an installation for Ice Gallery. Earlier this year I visited his studio and finally began to get a grasp on his practice. He’s a perfect fit for a place like Ice. He’s made many public and site specific installations over his long career as well as managed some substantial public art collections including the excellent Stuart Collection at UCSD. His new installation for Ice Gallery is titled “LINES” and is a three dimensional manifestation of simple yet expressive gestural lines.

Please Join us for the opening reception Saturday evening March 11th from 5-8pm. If you are unable to attend you may make an appointment HERE Tuesday – Saturday 11am -4pm. Or, as always, you can view the exhibition from the two large street facing windows 24/7.

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