This Saturday, May 13th from 5-8pm, will be the closing reception for Mathieu Gregoire’s “Lines”. Mathieu has been adding to, reworking, and adjusting his installation throughout these past few weeks. So, if you came to the opening back in March, I recommend you come to the closing because the installation has changed in some subtle yet perceptible ways.

We hope to see you this Saturday but if you can’t make it to the closing reception, you can still make an appointment HERE any day this week or next. The last day is Saturday May 20th. Please join us.

Opening Reception – Mathieu Gregoire

I’m not sure exactly when I formally met Mathieu Gregoire or when we started chatting. We’ve crossed paths many times (the San Diego art scene is a small world), but in the last few years we’ve started talking more frequently. Honestly, I hadn’t seen much of his work until recently. It’s our great conversations about art that first got me interested in asking him to create an installation for Ice Gallery. Earlier this year I visited his studio and finally began to get a grasp on his practice. He’s a perfect fit for a place like Ice. He’s made many public and site specific installations over his long career as well as managed some substantial public art collections including the excellent Stuart Collection at UCSD. His new installation for Ice Gallery is titled “LINES” and is a three dimensional manifestation of simple yet expressive gestural lines.

Please Join us for the opening reception Saturday evening March 11th from 5-8pm. If you are unable to attend you may make an appointment HERE Tuesday – Saturday 11am -4pm. Or, as always, you can view the exhibition from the two large street facing windows 24/7.

Opening Reception and appointments – Jamie Franks

We’re back!

Jamie Franks‘ new site specific installation “Hurry” will have an opening reception March 5th 2022 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Going forward the gallery will have open hours every Sunday from 11am – 4pm. Appointments are also available 10 am – 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday and can be made online by clicking HERE.

I first met Jamie when she was the artist in residence at Bread & Salt in late 2020. I was very keen to get Jamie into Ice Gallery after witnessing her incredible work ethic, her humorous conceptual practice, and most of all her drive and enthusiasm toward making new work. With this new exhibition Jamie has pushed herself and her practice to make an ambitious site specific piece that is light hearted yet elegant, and that also carries with it the spirit of what Ice Gallery is all about. Which is to subtly make the viewer want to participate with the work at varying angles, standpoints, and times of day. We hope to see you soon.

Appointments Open – Joshua Moreno

Appointments for Joshua Moreno’s exhibition Everything Is Temporary are open!

Book Here

In lieu of an opening reception Joshua will be in person at the gallery for all time slots this Friday-Sunday (2/12/21 – 2/14/21). Joshua’s installation has a close relationship to the path of sunlight throughout the day and therefore does not use any other light source. For this reason time slots are from sunrise to just before sunset. We hope to see you soon!

Now Open – Tom Driscoll

Hello Friends. It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it? Well, we’re finally back.

Tom Driscoll returns for his third show at Ice Gallery with a series of work that’s 15 years old yet has never been shown. In addition, he has made a new piece for the exhibition that is his most monumental to date.

We really wish we could’ve had a proper opening reception for this show, but obviously the pandemic has put a damper on all things social. However, it is strongly encouraged that you make an appointment if you wish to view the work in person. Some people feel uncomfortable making an appointment to see art, but not to worry, it’s no bother. We WANT you to see it up close. So please don’t hesitate. Or, you can always view the work anytime of day or night from outside the building through the two arched windows. Please contact Michael to set up a time for viewing. We hope to see you all soon.

Artist Talk – Melissa Walter



September 1st, 2019

1:00 – 2:30pm


San Diego artist Melissa Walter will be in conversation with fellow artist Akiko Surai to discuss Melissa’s current show at Ice Gallery, Of All Things. The talk will begin promptly at 1:30 pm and is expected to be concise so make sure to arrive on time. The gallery will be open before and after the talk, so this will be the perfect time to see the piece if you haven’t yet made it. We look forward to seeing you!

Opening Reception – Melissa Walter


It’s been so long since I posted a new show on this site that I forgot my login password. The last show closed in February of 2018?! Oh no. Well, we’re finally back in action.


I met Melissa Walter in 2016 and discovered we have a lot of similar art and aesthetic interests which helped us to become fast friends. Melissa is a kind person with a strong work ethic whose art is meticulous and thoughtful. When I asked her to do a show at Ice Gallery I made two requests. First, make something site specific (I ask that of all artists that show inside Ice). Second, make it the best thing you’ve ever done. After working on her new installation for the last several months, I believe she has delivered on both.


We’re extremely excited to emerge from our gallery hibernation with this show and we very much hope you’ll join us at the opening reception.


Saturday, June 29th, 1pm-4pm.

See you soon!

Closing Reception – Andrew Alcasid


Please join us this Saturday 2/10 from 2-5pm for the last day to see Andrew Alcasid’s site specific mural. This is one that definitely has to be seen in person. Photo’s can’t capture what is physically happening in the space. See you there.