Our last show: Tom Driscoll

Tom Driscoll opening

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our last show at ICE Gallery.  It was such a pleasure to work with our good friend Tom Driscoll, and he didn’t disappoint with his final results.  We gave Tom free reign to show any work he wanted and to do anything he saw fit with the space.   Initially he asked us what kind of show/work we wanted to see from him.  Our response was to tell him “it doesn’t matter what we want.  You just do the exact show that you want to see, and we’ll help you realize it”.

dirty wet gallery

The photo above is what the gallery looked like about 2 weeks before the opening.  The space had been a disaster for so many months, it felt good to get it all cleaned up and ready for install one last time.

2 foam sculptures

Tom’s idea for an “all foam show”, along with his decisions on how to show the work was just the kind of unique approach we love about Tom and his work.  Just about every piece was made specifically for the show and a couple pieces were made specifically with the space in mind.

Philipp shooting Toms work

We had the best turn out to date at the opening and everyone seemed to really enjoy the work.  In fact our good friend Philipp Scholz Rittermann was so excited by the show that he offered to shoot it for Tom.  The shots came out great!  Check them out full screen in the slideshow below.

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