Save ICE Gallery Fund Needs You


If you’ve been following our progress through the USA Projects site you may already know that we did not meet our fundraising goal by the deadline.  One of the stipulations of posting a project on USA is that you must reach your goal by the deadline or you won’t receive any of the pledged funds.  However, before the deadline we were able to raise $4085 thanks to the generosity of 36 individuals.  That’s pretty good!  In addition to that $4085, another individual has promised a substantial pledge.  So combined with what’s already been pledged, plus the funds we already have, the ICE fund could potentially have over $6000.  That’s where you come in.  Even though it’s less than our original fundraising goal, we feel like $6000 is too much money to give up, but we need your help

Your task is simple.  Our USA fundraiser is over, but we’re asking you to still pledge to the cause.  However, instead of doing it through USA we’re asking you to send us your pledge via a check or PayPal.  Checks are preferable due to PayPal taking 3%, but for those of you donating via credit card, PayPal would be just fine (if you’d prefer to use PayPal, we’ll send information on how to do that).  We realize a check is a few extra steps for you, what with the actual writing and mailing, but if need be we’ll even send you a self addressed stamped envelope.  🙂  Plus we are still offering one of a kind pieces of art from Michael, Lee, and Tom in exchange for your pledge.  You actually get something in return for your philanthropy!

We are determined to keep our space any way we can, but we can’t do it without your help.  Please email  if you would like to pledge and tell us how you would like to send it (check or PayPal.  or for those in town we can come and pick it up from you).  Remember, if everyone who already pledged keeps their commitment we’ll end up with over $6000.  Plus there’s time for people that didn’t pledge during the fundraiser to still do so.   We’re incredibly anxious to get our space fixed so that we can go back to making bigger and better installations this year.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Michael, Thomas, Joseph, Lee


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