ICE has received 25% of intial pledges

Hello Friends, Supporters, and Followers of ICE Gallery.

As you may know, when the “Save ICE Gallery” fundraiser was unsuccessfully funded, we reached out to all that had originally pledged to ask that they please go ahead and pledge to the project anyway.  If every one of the 36 original supporters goes ahead and honors their initial pledge ICE would stand to receive just over $4000.  We sent out that call for pledges just over two weeks ago, and since then have received about 25% of those initial pledges from 9 of 36 individuals.

The ICE gang is incredibly anxious to get started on building our new roof but we can’t do much in the mean time unless we get your help.  To those who still plan on honoring their initial pledge, we would humbly appreciate you doing so as soon as is convenient for you.  In regard to those for whom the thrill is gone and you no longer wish to donate, that’s fine, we won’t be offended.  But we do ask that you please send us a message to let us know.  No sense in holding out for something that isn’t to be.

As was promised in the initial fundraiser, we are still offering one of a kind pieces of art for pledges over $100 so that your philanthropy isn’t entirely one sided.  For pledges below $100, you’ll still receive a generous thank you in the mail as well.

Again, we’d love to hear from all of you, whether it’s to say you’re still on board or to let us know you’re jumping ship.  We would just like to assess where our funds stand so that we can evaluate how to proceed with the project.

Please email us at and we’ll give you info on where to send your donation, whether it be check or PayPal.

As always, we greatly appreciate all of our supporters.
Michael, Thomas, Lee, Joseph

                                                                                                       Photo by Kinsee Morlan

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