R.I.P. ICE Gallery

Michael’s new installation “A study in transparency” was ruined by the severe downpour we experienced last night.  The above shot is from happier times, and don’t worry we’ll be posting pics of the piece soon.  The shot below, however, is from last night.  Yeah, that’s Tom standing next to a lake of brown water right in the middle of the gallery.  And it’s not just the gallery that’s ruined, the studios in back are much worse!  Looks like ICE might be out of commission until next summer….or until we get a grant to fix this place (which we’re working on – details soon).

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. ICE Gallery

    1. Thanks Jon. We’re going with something similar to Kickstarter. It’s called United States Artists. It’s a little bit more exclusive than Kickstarter and they have a much higher success rate for funding projects. Don’t worry, once we get our project set up on their site we’ll be asking everyone and their grandma to donate.

  1. Sad yto see this happen to your AWESOME installation. Hope the funds come through so we can all continue to enjoy the great works you all do!

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