ICE: sink or float?

Well, we’re at the halfway point in our fundraising project. Thanks to 21 very kind individuals, we’re currently 13% funded with 2 weeks remaining. We were going gangbusters at the beginning, raising 12% in the first 8 days! With the exception of one of our very good friends upping their pledge yesterday, for the last 7 days we’ve seen no action. We’re not complaining, though. The fact that we were able to raise the amount that we have is astounding to us, and we are immensely grateful and humbled by the generosity we’ve been shown thus far. Going forward, should we see another spike in pledges and get to 25% then we will become eligible for 1 to 1 match funding for up to $1000. Which means if we raise $1000 past our 25% mark, then we’ll automatically get another $1000. Seems possible and utterly impossible at the same time.

So, what if we don’t make it?

We’ll still have the space of course. And hey, maybe we’ll come upon a different/better solution to fixing the space. But whatever the solution is has to be arrived at fairly soon, because the question remains: how long should one continue to pay for a space that is unusable for half the year?

In the meantime, we’ll keep fighting for our space. It may be a dump, but in a city of nearly nonexistent attainable spaces, we almost can’t afford NOT to keep it.

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