Photos from A Study In Transparency

Finally, shots from Michael’s last exhibition.  This piece was next to impossible to capture in photos, but we know some of you who didn’t get to see it in person are curious what it looked like.  So, click the image below to see all the shots.

Closing reception for MJA

Well folks, it’s finally coming to an end.  The last of the four shows we planned back in June is drawing to a close this Saturday.  Black and Blue, the site specific installation by Michael James Armstrong will be on view for the last time from 5pm – 9pm.  There wasn’t much of a turnout for the opening so we’re really hoping we’ll see more faces at the closing.  Also, even if you came to the opening you might want to come and check out the show again as Michael has added to the installation since opening night!  Come by, you won’t regret it.

ICE Gallery

3417 30th St


Black and Blue open on weekends!

what could this be?

what else will you find when you look through this window?

Find out when you stop by ICE Gallery.  From now until January 22nd ICE will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 3pm – 6pm.  The show takes on two different personalities depending on which time of day you see it.  So make sure you view it more than once!  Hope to see you soon.