Opening Reception – May-ling Martinez


I’ve been an admirer of May-ling’s work since 2009 when I saw a show she did at Seminal Projects. However, we never met until last April when I visited her studio and asked her to do a show at Ice. In terms of process and aesthetic, we are seemingly at odds, but I feel that we share some core values when it comes to our view of art in general. May-ling has been using the gallery as a working studio in preparation for this show and everything is coming together nicely thus far. I’m still not quite sure what the outcome is going to be as she is working rather organically in response to the space but it’s shaping up to be pretty interesting. Please join us Saturday March 25th from 6-9 to see what she’s been up to.


Some words from May-ling about the show:


“Layers of information collide and overlap in the space in a stream of consciousness. The work is based in an innate need to understand and decipher the unknown. Using iconography found in “How to books” as well as diverse visual systems found in books meant as learning devises perceived with a logical approach. I’m interested to explore how this logical approach satisfies a need to feel in control of our surroundings.

I also collect images from science, medicine and engineering books designed to facilitate our understanding of our environment by explaining the numinous in a coherent way. The images are then reinterpreted and presented in a different context producing an expanded narrative of the original one. Exhorting subjective interpretation based on personal experience.

Stacks of carefully collected found objects are arranged and recombined in unexpected ways to expose the uniqueness of the implements. Raising questions of their function and the human need to control our surroundings through tools and devices. In the same line others raise as beacons, a sort of personal markings.”

ICE inside Bread & Salt


Ya know, just when it seems as though no one’s paying attention to you, along comes an opportunity out of the blue.  Two months ago none of us knew anything about Jim Brown and his architecture firm, Public, or his newly acquired huge project, Bread & Salt.  The latter being a 40,000 square foot building built in the early 20th century which was, until recently, a Weber bakery.  Jim had apparently been silently paying attention to ICE Gallery and, just when we were about to be evicted from our space in North Park, offered us a spot at Bread & Salt!  Wow, we’re so appreciative for the offer and the opportunity.  Our new space will be much smaller, but it has a lot of potential and we’re extremely excited to get to work on it.

bread & salt window

Not only were we offered a new space in a small corner of Bread & Salt, we were also given the opportunity to tackle the entire 40,000 sq ft building.  The building is more or less still in it’s raw Weber bakery state, minus most of the heavy machinery.  There’s a ton of work to do before the building is ready to be inhabited by it’s future art and design tenants.  Perfect!  That’s just the kind of space we hope for.  It’s the kind of thing we’ve been talking about for the last few years (“Wouldn’t it be great to be offered an interesting space where you’re able to create anything you want?”) and now we’ve been given a shot.

bread & salt oven

The four of us have staked out our individual spaces throughout the building and are in the process of installing what is shaping up to be a very solid and diverse exhibition.  We hope you’ll come join us and see it for yourself on Friday, February 8th, from 6-9.  This one is a big deal for us and we’re anxious to show you the work plus the unique building that we’ll soon be a part of.

Thanks Jim and Isabel!

PS – check out this nice write up for the show in San Diego CityBeat