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Ok, we’re ready to roll! This installation took about 4 times longer to complete than I thought it would but it’s finally finished.

For multiple reasons, there will be no opening reception. Perhaps there will be a closing, I haven’t decided. Instead I’d like to invite you to contact me through this website (or any other way you’re connected to me) to set up an appointment. The piece will be lit at night and viewable through the windows. However, I’ll only be showing it from the inside during daylight hours as this is when it looks it’s best. If you’d like to come and see it I’m available to show it almost any day. Just give me 24 hours notice and we can set up a convenient time for you


Thank you to all of those that helped me complete this piece. It would’ve taken me weeks to do it on my own.

Thanks to Mark, Storm, Kyle, Philipp, Trista, Terry, Jason and the Toms.

Extra special thank you to these two guys:


Andrew and Sol, you guys worked your butts off. Thank you so much!

Frosted windows and a white floor

Ahhhh!  It’s crunch time once again at the ol’ ICE Gallery.  We’ve been busy installing wire rope, frosting the windows, and painting the floor.  Michael’s show is almost here, and there’s still so much to do….as usual.

The frost on the windows looks really good.

The right side of the floor is what happens to this space after it rains.

See that bucket?  Yup, it’s overflowing with water.  Fun.

Photos of Lee Lavy’s new installation

Ok, we’ve got a ton of photos to share with you!  First we’ll start with some shots of Lee working in his studio.  The pieces you see here are all trial runs that eventually led up to the gallery installation. (click on the photos below to go to the entire group of shots)

lee in his studio

Next are some shots of Joey, Tom, and Lee preparing the gallery for what was to be about a 5 day install:

preparing the gallery

We’ve also got photo’s from day one of the install:

day one install

…and day two:

day two install

…and day three:

day three install

And then of course we’ve got the finished product (along with some shots of Lee with the work):

lee with red and blue


all photos by Michael James Armstrong