ICE Gallery Extended Family Art Shows

There are 2 shows this weekend involving 3 people related to the ICE Gallery family.

The first is the 2014 San Diego Art Prize Recipients at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library including Joseph Huppert and Philipp Scholz Rittermann.

3/27/15  6:30-8:30



The second is at the Harmony Murphy Gallery in downtown Los Angeles including Joseph Huppert and Thomas DeMello

3/28/15  7:00-9:00




Tom Driscoll – Opening Reception

Driscoll Studio Cones

Ever since I saw the way Tom had his concrete cones displayed in his garage I’ve been itching to see them in a proper exhibition. Cut to 3 years later and the time has come to show just about every last one that he has. Some date back 20 years, however most have never been shown. The 16 foot tall walls in the gallery will be well utilized.

Please join Tom and I on Saturday, March 21st, 6-9pm.

Tom Driscoll Announcement web



Opening Reception: Philipp Scholz Rittermann

philipp announcement


It’s great to be in a position to facilitate the opportunity for an artist I respect to exhibit work they wouldn’t normally make. I’ve know for many years now that Philipp Scholz Rittermann is an exceptional photographer with an impeccable eye for detail. As would be expected, being a photographer, Philipp is used to making flat work. However, I had a feeling that he was itching to take his work off the wall and into a more three dimensional realm. I had no idea what to expect when I asked him to take a shot at making a site specific piece for ICE Gallery, but I trusted that he could come up with something interesting.


Please join us Friday January 9th from 6-9pm and participate in an immersive site conditional photographic installation.

Opening Reception – Objective: Subjectivity

object announcement


Objective: Subjectivity
An art exhibition featuring objects, both natural and manufactured, unaltered by the artist. Three pieces per artist displayed as-is with the aim of communicating to the audience the intrinsic beauty that can be found in seemingly mundane or usually overlooked objects.

participants include:
Michael James Armstrong
James Brown
Thomas DeMello
Tom Driscoll
Joseph Huppert
Jason Lane
Lee Lavy
May-ling Martinez
Richard Allen Morris
Chantal Wnuk

Tom Driscoll, New Website

Tom Driscoll in his studio

Tom and I have become close friends over the last couple of years. In that time I’ve hung out at his studio on numerous occasions (pretty much once or twice a week at this point). It doesn’t matter how often I visit him, every time I’m there he’s got new work to show me. I really admire his output as well as the quality and variety of his work. It really bothers me that an artist like Tom isn’t selling his work left and right. I’m sure part of the reason he’s not as sought after as I believe he should be is because, although extremely charming, he’s a very humble man who’s not much on marketing himself or his work. I’m not very good at marketing myself either, but I really wanted to help Tom in any way I could to get his name out there. That’s why I worked with Tom over the last few weeks to build him a new website that could adequately represent the diversity of his work. However, even though there’s an impressive array of work on this site, it’s only a fraction of the amount of work that Tom has in storage. He’s an extremely prolific artist that definitely has enough work for multiple solo shows, if not a full on institutional retrospective.


I encourage anyone who reads this to please pass on Tom’s website to any gallery you think might be interested in his work. Tom has been making interesting art for over 45 years! He is in the collection of many prominent collectors here in San Diego including the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, but I think it’s time he get’s some broader exposure.


Pass it on.


Tom Driscoll with cones